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A Look into Next School Year: Ag Courses Being Offered

By: Ryan Flax 11 June 2020

With the second year of our evolved Ag program on the horizon we are eager to participate in the new courses being offered for the 2020 and 2021 school year. Five total courses will be offered this school year. They include Agriculture, Food, and Natural Recourses (AFNR), Animal and Plant Science, Livestock and Meat Science, Agriculture Business Management, and Mechanical Principles. Both Agriculture Business Management and Mechanical Principles will be taught by Mr. Riggs and  AFNR, Animals and Plant Science, and Livestock and Meat Science will be taught by Ms. Shafer. AFNR is only available for freshmen or first year members to take as it is an intro course to future Ag courses. 

Animal and Plant Science will take a deeper look into the science behind raising livestock and crops. Livestock and Meat Science will take a deep dive into livestock selection, nutrition and management as well as using objectives from the technology courses; “Farm to Fork”. Agriculture Business Management will take an in-depth look at financial and managerial practices in the Agricultural world. This course also counts towards a financial literacy course which is needed to graduate. Mechanical Principles is a shop based class which will see students use a wide variety of tools and equipment. Overall, this will surely be an exciting year to be enrolled in Ag!

Senior FFA Members get Recognized with Yard Signs

By: Ethan Heskett 10 June 2020

On the first of June, Miss Shafer and Mr. Riggs made their rounds in delivering yard signs to our senior FFA members using proper social distancing guidelines. With the help of Champion City Photography and an anonymous donor, these signs represent the appreciation that our community has for these wonderful individuals. Without these seniors, our chapter never would have reached its highest achievements and potential. This was the perfect way to end off these members’ experience in the Southeastern FFA Chapter.




Changes for the 2020 Clark County Fair

(From Clark County Fair on Facebook)

2020 Fair Information Update

1. Duration of the fair: The board has decided on a 5-day Jr. Fair, consisting of Saturday, July 25, Sunday, July 26, Monday, July 27, Tuesday, July 28 and Wednesday, July 29.

During the fair, there will be an election, the date is to be determined. It will be announced that Ag Membership tickets will be sold and are available now. We will encourage people to support the Ag Society by buying their tickets and voting during the fair.

2. The board is offering camping during the 2020 Jr. Fair. Please enjoy your prepaid camping for the days the fair is taking place. There will be no refunds or credits if you do not use your 2020 camping. Please be prepared to be flexible for 2020 only as we may have to relocate your camp spot to comply with social distancing requirements. Late June, we will poll all potential campers to see how many will be using their space, so that the committee may determine if changes are indeed needed to meet social distancing requirements. We will also determine, after the poll, what days campers should arrive, as they will be staged and staggered on several days prior to the fair’s beginning. We will also enforce the camping rules of the required purchase of one $30 ticket, and we are hopeful and encourage you to purchase the Ag Membership when possible so that you may vote in the election. Only one ticket per campsite is required. We will ask you, when you pick up your camping packet at the fair office, to sign a compliance form for the Governor’s rules for campgrounds for 2020 only. It is a short list, but an important one. It consists of no compounding (meaning all doors must face away from each other, no groups over 10 at your camper at any time, always maintain 6’ social distance, and a few other items). Soon we will post on Facebook when those camping packets are available. Please stop by the fair office as soon as possible after that announcement, get your camping packet, buy your 1 $30 ticket well in advance of the fair. Our goal is that all of you will have picked up your packets prior to July 1 so that we can avoid lines and maintain social distancing. This will also allow the committee to accurately formulate the layout of camping so we can keep this as smooth and painless as possible.

For 2020 only, we will have a reduced number of porta-pots (10), an increased number of hand washing stations (10), the restrooms in the Youth Building and the cattle show barn are scheduled to be open 14 hours per day. Showers will not be available for 2020. There will be an aggressive cleaning schedule to prevent disease. We encourage each of you to use your own campers whenever necessary.

3. The board has elected to NOT pay premiums to 4H (gold coins) or FFA for 2020.

4. 4-H Miscellaneous judging, Fashion Revue and 4-H and FFA Youth Building Events. 4-H Miscellaneous Project Judging is being planned for July 14 in the Mercantile, Arts & Crafts and Annex Buildings. 4-H’ers will be required to sign-up for a judging time to meet mass gathering and social distancing requirements. 4-H and FFA Projects will not be displayed in the Youth Building and there will be no 4-H Club Booths. There will be no 4-H Baking Contest and Auction. There will be no Creative Masterpieces, Photography or Scrapbooking Contests. There WILL BE a 4-H Art Contest and the winners of that contest will be eligible to participate in the Virtual Jr. Fair Auction.

5. Skill-a-thons will be held on July 15-17 and will be done using computers to administer the skill-a-thon stations and questions. Youth will be required to sign up for a specific time to complete their skill-a-thon during one of these 3 days to be held in the Mercantile, Annex, and Arts and Crafts Buildings to meet mass gatherings and social distancing requirements. 4-H and FFA members will need to bring their completed project books to skill-a-thon. Computers will be disinfected between users, hand sanitizing will be required.

6. There will be no 4-H Barn Decorating Contest or 4-H Flower Bed Contest. 4-H Clubs are encouraged to clean up their flowerbed, but there is not funding available to support the purchase of flowers to add to the flowerbeds for 2020. We appreciate any 4-H club that wishes to continue with upkeep of their flowerbeds as a community service project.

7. There will be a Cloverbud Show-N-Tell, date and time during Fair to be determined. There will not be a 4-H Winner’s Revue, but there will be a designated time and location for 4-H members to pick up their 4-H miscellaneous project judging awards.

8. All Jr. Fair Animal Royalty and 4-H Royalty Competitions will be held. Applications are due July 1st. Interviews will be held virtually. More details to come.

9. There is a virtual livestock sale being researched and planned.

10. We are researching live streaming of all livestock shows and are hopeful we might be able to afford to offer this.

11. Currently, barn and building occupancy laws for mass gatherings is 10 or less. Please be aware, that for 2020, many things will need to be managed that we have not had to manage in the past. For example: animals can be penned next to each other, but people must always remain 6’ apart. Therefore, feed and water schedules will need to be determined so that the youth will not be there at the same moment. Unloading and arrival will need to be managed, staggered and staged so that there is never more than 10 in the barn at the same time. The board will encourage the committees and species to develop “barn superintendents” to help ensure mass gathering and social distancing are ALWAYS in compliance.

12. Concessions will soon be determined and we anticipate about 10 various concessions. We do know that all concessions that depend on volunteers, (Pork Producer’s, Northwestern Schools, CTC, Northeastern Schools, 4-H Ice Cream will be taking this year off. We look forward to seeing them all next year. This year, the office WILL NOT be selling ice. Because it is an open gate, ice is available for purchase at Love’s, and BP. Some concessionaires may also choose to sell it.

13. There will be no Red Information Booth for 2020. Please listen for important COVID-19 safety announcements throughout the fair. All other announcements will come from the fair office.

14. Please realize, there will be no tents this year, other than the swine barn curtains that will be hung on the swine barn.

15. This year, the CTC shelter house will not be having any music (as all music was cancelled), all picnic tables will be removed for compliance in 2020, and the shelter house will serve as an additional animal arena for 2020.

16. Bleach water will be used in many restrooms and animal barns as disease control. Intervention Disinfectant will be used in all animal barns prior to the fair.

17. There will be only one gate in and one gate out of the 2020 fair. It will be the main gate (A1) with the LED sign off of Route 41. All other gates will be shut and locked. The main gate will be locked and shut each day at approximately 8 p.m. with one exit open which will be attended by a Deputy for camper’s safety. Anyone entering after 8 pm, will enter through the exit with the deputy’s permission. There will be no admission charge, no gate tickets needed. Gate will re-open at 6:30 a.m. each morning.

18. There will be Clark County Sheriff presence during the 2020 fair.

19. DUNF (Drug Notification Forms) for 2020 Ohio has old fashioned forms or electronic forms available. All species will be working hard to use only new electronic DUNF forms. Stay tuned for more to come.

20. Scramble Committee has extended the 2020 calf and pig scramble application deadline until Friday, June 12, 4:30 pm at the fairgrounds office. The committee is continuing to work out details for the 2020 scrambles.

21. There will be a 2020 Queen Contest. It will be prior to fair with all social distancing rules, anyone needing additional information, call the fair office at 937-323-3090.

22. For 2020, we will not be using the Champion Center building, however, we do want to acknowledge and thank the OEAA for allowing us to use the Outdoor Riding Arena and Horse barns 1 and 2 which we will use during the fair.

23. There is no Showman of Showmen for 2020.

24. There is no Open Class exhibits for 2020.

25. For 2020 there is no opening ceremonies. We wish to honor the memory of Jim Sheehan for whom opening ceremonies were to be dedicated. You may see his biography at! We also wish to honor Ed Evans who is being inducted into the Hall of Fame, his biography is also available on the website. We also wish to honor the short list of corporate sponsors that have remained active and supportive to us for the 2020 fair. You will see praise and recognition of one of them daily on the Facebook page as well. Be sure and take notice of who they are, and if you need the services they provide, please consider using them!

We thank the Board for tireless work and for developing information as rapidly as possible so that we may get it out to you! We will continue to post updates on both Facebook and as it becomes available. We know, not everyone will like all of the choices we have had to make. Please understand, our number one goal is to make sure we are here to provide you the next 100 fairs, not just 2020. Help us help you by getting your camp package as soon as that is announced to provide you with a smooth move-in. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


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